something was lost

and was finally found! remember this? well, look who came home today!don’t ever let anyone tell you that the st. anthony prayer doesn’t work! yes, it took a while, but that’s ok. my husband got the call this afternoon that he had been picked up by animal control and since he had a microchip they were able to contact us. i had a feeling that at some point he just might get away from whoever had him. anyway, enough of that, we are just glad he did. welcome home gordo!



8 responses to “something was lost

  1. What a very cool looking dog. I’m glad he made it home!

  2. I’m so glad for all of you!

  3. Oh!! I bet you all are jumping for joy! I’m glad he’s safely home. Yay!!

  4. I’m not sure I knew you had a dog, or that he was lost to you. However, it’s always a happy day when a faithful pet is returned, safe and sound.

  5. What kind of dog is he? Other than smart and cute and cheeky. Glad he’s home again.

  6. oooh I love his sweet wrinkly forhead…looks like me…..he looks gorgeous with wrinkles!

    welcome home puppydog

  7. Well, this just makes me happy. 🙂 Glad he is home .

  8. oh my goodness gracious. he is just adorable!! my husband would kill for a super cute doggywoggy like that!

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