some things

are better the second time around.


 take these pajama shorts for my girl, for instance. the first time around-they were just a plain old bed sheet, but look at them now! don’t look too close though! that ruffle is kinda messy and the aqua trim was put in place to cover some other mistake i made in the sewing process, God bless the person who invented embellishments! however, she loves them. they are comfy and they are perfect for the really warm (summer?) nights we’ve been having as of late. now if i could just “whip up” about 5 more pairs….

well, since you all know that the dog is back home i thought i might share that it is a mixed  blessing. he is a dear, but we have, since his disappearance, acquired 8 chickens (yes, there are only 8 out of the original 12), 2 rabbits and 5 kittens. the good thing is that he is not a vicious dog, but he is nosy and playful and can’t seem to understand why mama cat doesn’t want him to play with her babies. or why the bunnies and chickens run away in terror at his presence. so now we have to find some sort of solution as to what to do, where to position in the yard, etc. all of these animals so that we can live somewhat harmoniously.

oh, yeah, and he walks IN my garden and pees on my flowers too. geesh. i was hoping that having him a second time around would be better too.


6 responses to “some things

  1. The pajama pants are really cute… wouldn’t have known about the cover-up if you hadn’t mentioned why the aqua fabric was included. I thought they were a great use for used sheets. Very creative.

  2. Just darling, Regan! =)

  3. wow, now that is some goooooood work!

  4. That is remarkable! I’m sure they are just as soft and comfy as the sheets, too!

  5. Ooh…I think I would like to make some myself for Una…maybe a pair capri-length, too! Nice work!

  6. you are amazing. i love those. love. them.

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