i am: making. baking. praying. cleaning. re-arranging the furniture. winning and loving. and lots and lots of other things that i don’t have time to write about……but here’s to hoping that you all have a lovely mother’s day weekend. celebrate a little, i know i will. and try to find happiness in doing well that which we as mothers have been entrusted by God to do. that duty which neither men nor the angels have been entrusted with. that duty which sometimes makes me want to change my name, “maaaamaaaa”! yet the duty which quite often has the sweetest rewards.


good-bye for now. duty calls.


10 responses to “entrusted

  1. I just saw that you one over there. congrats! Happy weekend!

  2. You’re knitting scrubbers, and I want to learn to crochet one of those nylon tulle ones…

    I love knitting dishcloths. I always have one started so that I have something to knit between projects. I have a dozen or so made from that cheap Peaches & Cream cotton from Walmart.

    Congrats on your winning! I’ll bet those scents are heavenly. I wear patchouli on occasion, love sandalwood, but also love florals like lavender…

    Have a good Mother’s Day yourself!

  3. That scrubbie is super nifty! I’ll be passing this one along to my knitty friends.

    Bless you, regan…you always make me smile…your heart is revealed in every word you type!

    Have a blessed day…

  4. oooh, gotta try the knitted scrubbie. havent been knitting much in awhile, looks like the perfect re-start

  5. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  6. i love visiting here – it’s so peaceful :o)

  7. Happy Mother’s Day to you , too, Regan! You are awesome!

  8. BTW…a Happy and Blessed Mother’s Day to you, dear Regan!

  9. regan, you have such a way with words.

    happy mother’s day!

  10. Hope it was a great mother’s day for you 🙂

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