prayers needed for a very special intention with regards to us moving. this situation came very  unexpectedly, but it could be a good thing. i know i shouldn’t have fallen in love with a certain house that i found today, but i did and well, now we’ll just have to see what God’s plans are……..many, many thanks in advance. 🙂


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  1. Prayers and good luck. Moving is such a hassle, are you sure?

  2. Praying that God’s will be done with regards to your possible move…

  3. Well then you’re not going to be the little house in the big yard anymore!

  4. Uh, is the home in MN? hahah!

    Prayers for you, Start that St Joseph novena!

  5. I know what this is like, as we’re in the midst of it ourselves. And what a roller coaster it can be! The potential buyers of our house did not want to move forward after the inspection. =( We think they may have just changed their minds. It’s a bit shocking, but we’re recovering. It obviously wasn’t God’s will. So, we will continue to wait upon Him. So, I will pray for you, as I pray for our house, too … P.S. I hope you had a blessed Mother’s Day! {{Hugs!}}

  6. i’ll pray. but are you sure you don’t want to give a few hints about the new house? more land? same land? cute cottage? on the ocean?

    not that any of that makes prayer easier or harder. or that any of it makes moving easier. but, well, inquiring minds DO want to know! lol!

  7. Praying for the good plans God has in mind for you.

    So happy Gordo is home!

  8. May St. Joseph watch over your family and new moves and new homes.

  9. ATL here you come? LOL

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