in retrospect

here are a few things i learned from this weekend: don’t be so hard on yourself while committing random acts of weekending. (the definition of weekending being where a homebody mama gives into the whims of her crazy husband, parents and children to do things which take her a. out of her comfort zone and b. cause her to forget things such as packing the right kinds of shoes for the right kinds of places). it is not a sin to forget sweaters and sunscreen when packing under pressure. cut your children’s fingernails more often, especially if you are going to be photographing their hands with frequency. comfort your child if they cry when they learn that saber-tooth tigers are extinct. don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers. however, it is wise to go back inside the house (when in the mountains) if you hear noises in the bushes, or, in my son’s words, “we better go before there’s trouble.”  and yes, you have to still crown mary even when her statue looks scary. drinking sparkling almond champagne and using rotary cutters at the same time is really not a good idea. dark chocolate with dried mango, coconut and cashews is truly the best combination ever. oh, and knitting scrubbies is for the birds……….. my weekend really was great. except for the having to move suddenly part. hope yours was too.























8 responses to “in retrospect

  1. pretty shoes nonetheless

  2. I agree, cute shoes.

    As for fingernails, I think kids grow nails twice as fast in the summer! I’m thankful my older kids can do that task themselves, now.

  3. I am forever forgetting to clip nails and clean inside of ears.

    The photo of the linen makes me sigh with pleasure…

    Dark chocolate is good with anything–mango, coconut, cashews, salmon, pickles, dishrags, and so forth…

  4. Beautiful.

    The eyes on the Mary Statue as Father in the Biretta passes by are incredible!

  5. Lovely pictures, as ever. You really have an eye for it! I’m praying for your intentions. HUGS, Sarah


    love the pretty shoes also

    the picture of Our Lady is surreal

  7. Beautiful pictures! I am so with you on the clipping fingernails thing….

  8. i love your shoes. knitting scrubbies is for the birds? why (before I cast on)?

    and don’t even get me started on the fingernail thing. in fact, blogging prompted me to wonder what on earth happened to the fingernail brush we had in the main bath…and then to buy one with the express purpose of it staying in the bath. and you know hear “time to get out of the ba-ath…wash up. with soap. scrub your fingernails…and toenails…with the brush…don’t forget the soap!”

    i comfort myself assuming mine is not the only house this is echoed nightly.

    goodness i can babble! signing off…

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