in spanish the word means to hope. esperar. to wait. to hope. to wish. esperando is the word for pregnant. it was the name of the school i went to when i was a teen mother. we couldn’t have asked for better name. a school full of pregnant teenage mothers, girls, who still had hopes that we’d finish our education. waiting for our babies to be born we’d finish high school and hope to graduate. we were taught things like the benefits of breastfeeding and proper baby care along with algebra and history. but when i went home every day there was yet more hope waiting for me  in the form of two very loving parents who would keep not only me, but my firstborn son, in their home, until he turned 5. that was ten long years ago. today, hope has a different meaning for me. married now, with three more children, my hopes and wishes are not the same as that young girl. my thoughts often turn now to those without hope. i have seen a lot of hopelessness and some things cannot be “cured” or changed. but there are those rare times when something can be done. however small. and this is one of those times. so for today, hope has a face. and here she is.



there is some background by the great gal who started the project here. and visit here if you’d like to join in the effort. time is running out and i’d really like to be farther along than i am, but a little prompting came yesterday in the form of a few words from my children. since we are in the midst of packing, there is nothing like a move that makes one see just how much stuff you’ve got. my daughter mentioned that she felt so bad that she has so many toys when orphan children have none. or at least very few. much less a mama to make something handmade for them. in our house the handmade things are the most valuable. the things we treasure the most. so we are taking this opportunity to offer a little bit of esperanza, where there might otherwise be none. “God takes care of the orphans, mama, doesn’t he?” asked my littlest son. yes, He does. and for this task He will use our hands and resources. maybe you could help too?


6 responses to “esperanza

  1. A neat project. My mom made me a doll when I was about 5/6. I still have it in my momentos tub. I made a doll for a 4-H project, but that was given to my sister (13 years younger than I) for a Christmas gift. There’s just something special about a hand-crafted doll – they’re heirlooms.

  2. What a beautiful entry on hope, Regan. You’re pretty amazing! And your children are so sweet to be so generous and compassionate. Beautiful witness, all of you. When we finally get to pack, I hope to make some donations of our abundance. We just don’t need it all. I’ve packed away a lot of things to “show” the house, but I didn’t get rid of much—yet. It’s funny, but I don’t even think they miss most of what sits in our attic. They have been very content with what I left out (their favorites), and they don’t even mind cleaning up now, which is a refreshing change =)

  3. Good luck with everything. I feel your move stress, girl! Hang in there!! You have my prayers!!!

  4. i thought esperando meant waiting and embarazada meant pregnant.
    and arent you awesome participating in this project!!

    • regina, i am pretty sure (but i could be wrong) esperando is to expecting what embarazada is to pregnant. so i guess esperando is sort of a dreamy way to say “having a baby”. and you know i am sort of a dreamy-word-user-gal….

  5. Regan,
    What a wonderful story… God bless your parents for loving you so well, and God bless you for choosing life. That’s a truly marvelous testimony.

    Where are you moving to? I know that stress quite well, so you have my sympathy. Bless you.

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