pressing pause

there is a very heated game of uno going on in my room, on my bed. i was trying to peacefully embroider a doll face on the real thing. the one i will send to nicaragua for craft hope. but they (my girl and my littlest son) decided to invade my quiet. perhaps the boxes in the hallway, living room, school room and in just about every other free square inch of this house has caused them to seek refuge here. here where a nice breeze is coming in my window. and the sound of birds and the fan is almost lulling.

i wish i could say the game was peaceful. i hear the funniest, meanest things come out of my children’s mouths when they play games. “you’re going down, why dontcha’ draw 4!” “skip you, skip you again, and now we’ll change it back to me!” they are so competitive. my girl gets frustrated with her brother. “he’s such a sore loser and he hasn’t even lost yet”, she says. she doesn’t remember how she used to cry when she’d lose at monopoly. sometimes we’d just tell her she won anyway, but we all knew otherwise. that was a long time ago. three houses ago to be exact. i will so try not to be moody and pouty during this move. i vow not to make my last days at this space the place where i vent and become sad and nostalgic. if you move a lot i am sure you understand. especially if you, like me, try so hard to make every place you live in a home. not just a house. our potential new rental will be all ready when we get there. the painters are doing their thing this weekend, which in many ways is good for me because otherwise i would mull too long over colors. and besides i don’t know if i am ready to do the whole home improvement thing again so soon. after all, we have only been here 8 months.

so here is to moving. changes. finding happiness in whatever situation God, in His infinite wisdom, has placed you in. to taking the time, no matter what you are doing, to press pause. listen to the birds. to your children. enjoy a good game of uno and drink a sweet cup of tea. (i mixed 2 bags of green tea + 1 of vanilla chai. let it sit for a bit. added a bit of organic sugar and vanilla soy milk. and i liked what i tasted!) we will be having dinner with some friends, so i am signing off…….

ps. this was my saturday evening post.


2 responses to “pressing pause

  1. Gotta love UNO!

  2. Games always bring “spirited” words at our place too. I like what you said about blooming where ever God plants you – easier said than done!

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