do you see her?

a pregnant, kneeling, veiled woman with her head bowed in prayer. that is what we see anyway. no matter which direction this rock is turned there is a figure, with a belly, that most definitely looks like Our Blessed Mother.


the day of our may crowning littlest son was doing this.


i couldn’t understand the importance of the rock collecting then. the whole affair seemed rather noisy at the time. although it kept him quiet during the rosary, so i let him be. however,  later my husband would hand me one of them, as only daddies will hold such things in the pockets of their good church pants, and tell me quietly, “doesn’t this look like the Virgin Mary?” and i couldn’t agree more.

i have had several posts about Mary in my head this month. one which was especially important to me made it to paper but never to press. perhaps i might still share it. i wanted so badly to contribute to allison’s something about mary, yet, much like my little son all i have is this rock. quite insignificant to some, i am sure, but to me it is another little reminder that she, a lot like her Son, is everywhere. and i while i don’t always “see” her. i know she is there.


2 responses to “do you see her?

  1. That’s so beautiful!

  2. I see her, too! =) Amazing rock! What a treasure!

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