an open letter to my dear little boy:

today you got your first library card. you’ve been asking me for quite some time, but the requirement, for our library anyway, is that you have to be able to write your own name. now, you have been writing your first name for months, but today i just knew that since you’ve been doing so well with your letters that you’d be able to write it in full. and write you did. all capital letters excepting one. and then there was the bit of smudge your chubby hands made as they made their way across the small card. you patiently waited for it to dry. and then you were off! all of those big stuffed animals are so appealing. the computers with games for little guys like you can be such a distraction and then what with it being craft day- i sort of picked all the books for you. i am kind of selfish that way. but i did try to pick ones that we’d both enjoy. anyway, you were such a dear, helping me to scan the.thirty-something.books. we brought home. and so appreciative too, wanting to see your card on about ten different occasions during the drive home. please excuse me if i am a bit teary-eyed this evening. you must understand that milestones like this are not easy for your mama.

your mama.


One response to “milestones

  1. He’s growing up! His own library card—WOW! I better not tell my 5 or 6 year old girls about the possibility of getting their own cards … They know nothing of that option, and I’m just not ready to get teary-eyed about library cards. No, not yet …

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