and lastly, His feet…..

“And now the rays of light from above united with the glory emanating from Jesus, and I saw Him disappearing, dissolving as it were in the light from Heaven, vanishing as He rose….I lost sight of His head first,  then His whole person, and lastly, His feet, radiant with light disappeared in the celestial glory….” (excerpt from the Life of Jesus Christ and Biblical Revelations Vol. 4 from the visions of Venerable Anne Catherine Emmerich)





As the INTROIT and PRAYER indicated: our eyes must be on “heaven” while our feet “stand on earth”; our life must be a combination of prayer to God above and work here below.

after mass, we came home and did this craft i came up with of Jesus’ feet. those words being at the front of my mind. i had the kids add the hem of His garment because i put myself in the place of the apostles and the woman in the crowd from the Gospel, thinking that those would be the last things i’d see of His. wanting so much to reach out to touch Him one last time, yet not being able to because the power, light and beauty surrounding Him would probably be too much for my small mindedness to behold. we ended this holy thursday with blue-berry jello, the color of the sky. the whipped cream adding the affect of “clouds”. not my idea. i can’t remember where i saw it. perhaps the crafty crow.

when the paschal candle was extinguished, a gesture which seems so final, i couldn’t help but feel a tinge of sadness. but knowing that the coming of the Holy Spirit is just around the corner is certainly a cause for joy. it was really a beautiful, peaceful, holy day here. hope yours was too.


2 responses to “and lastly, His feet…..

  1. I love your art project, we might have to do that one!!! Great job!

    We did pudding in a cloud, but I like that blue jello thing….

  2. Thank you for sharing this project. I’ll bookmark it.

    Thanks, also, for stopping by my blog.

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