it’s not too late

to officially set up the may altar. is it?


with all this moving chaos it hasn’t been easy finding a peaceful spot to put the altar. religious objects are always the last thing to get packed away so it hasn’t been because there was a shortage of things to decorate with. and i certainly need a spot such as this to remind me that regardless of what may come, God is with us and it is not as if Our Dear Blessed Mother doesn’t know what it feels like to leave “home” at a moment’s notice. i just sort of wish we had so few things that they’d fit on the back of a donkey!


2 responses to “it’s not too late

  1. So peaceful. I am sure it will be helpful to have this spot to gaze upon during all your packing and cleaning … A blessed Sunday to you and your family!

  2. Considering that a pregnant Mary was on the donkey’s back, there really wasn’t room for much else! I too, felt that way during our move. Having three garage sales and donating much to charity was a great way to unload quite a bit of unnecessary ‘stuff’. I hope that I’m being careful to let only the necessary, useful and beautiful into our new home.

    And, no, I don’t think it’s too late to honor Mary!

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