we ARE rich

because she reads so much it makes sense that she is my most dreamy child. the one with so many creative little thoughts and ideas. the other night as i  set clean laundry on her bed, i noticed some writing on her desk. the words, written in large letters caught my eye. at first glance i thought she’d copied it from somewhere, but after reading it all, i could see the innocence of childhood written between the lines. however,  i couldn’t help but be touched, because this is what she wrote………..

“we are rich, not in the way you measure wealth by worldly possessions, but in a way only those who stop to enjoy the simple things of life can understand. we are rich by our strength, our family, our souls and most of all our God. we stop to enjoy the pleasures of LIFE that not always come with pomp and possessions, but merely the simple, quiet, wonderous things of life.” ………..almost 10. april 2009.


and she is right. we are so  rich.


6 responses to “we ARE rich

  1. Oh my gosh, Regan! Your little girl just totally blew me away! That is so profound!

    … And way to go, Mama! =) She is obviously learning this from you (and your husband), and what a marvelous lesson that is to receive. It is a real gift to have such an amazing perspective!

    Well, have a good night! God bless!

  2. Awed, Regan…as I’m sure you are.

    Out of the mouths of babes…so they say. Wisdom untainted, such sweet and unjaded perspective…

    Thank you for sharing with us!

  3. Oooh–that is sheer genius! I am impressed with your girl’s insight and wisdom. Of course, her name means Wisdom, doesn’t it?

    And you know what? I’d be impressed if my own girl even copied that sentiment from some source!

  4. beautiful writing…she is a very thoughtful girl

  5. Beautiful!

    I see above a comment about her name meaning wisdom – my oldest is named the same.

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