our days here at the little house probably number two at the most. i haven’t said much about the new house because i was afraid i was only dreaming. i kept pinching myself every time we took a load of stuff. and now we are down to the big things like beds, dressers, computers, t.v.’s, sofa and piano. and that is only because my husband has had a super busy work schedule. me, the kids and of course my mama, have been taking trips back and forth in our chevy and her little corolla. you’d be surprised how many books can fit in that car.

we have a new whistler in our family. and if you’ve ever had a whistler, you know what i am dealing with. i feel very privileged that he saves all of his whistling for said trips back and forth to the new house. but he whistles viva la vida  by coldplay. over. and. over. and over again. every once in a while he’ll sing for a minute about “St. Peter callin’ his name.” i don’t have the heart to tell him to stop. yet. but i may have to very soon. because i think my sanity might be at stake.

it is a beautiful saturday. the weather has been cool. overcast and even gloomy at times. i sort of wish we were at the air show. maybe we’ll go later. then there is a mariachi concert at the library tonight that my girl wants to go to, so it’ll be tough to choose one or the other. the boys would prefer the air show, of course. and then those pesky summer basketball sign ups……life doesn’t ever seem to slow down, does it? but then again, i really wouldn’t want it too either. i have been trying to enjoy my kids lately. fixing them food they love. spending time with them. it is easier said than done, even when you are a mama who is privilged enough to stay home. we have been devouring library books. mother and son tales, especially. and tons more i’d list if i had the time.

i have a new place. you can visit if you’d like. there is not much there yet, i’ll work out the details as soon as time permits. but pretty soon i will say good-bye to here for good. the new blog is more useful to me in that i can keep track of my school work there. and when you are in a charter school, like we are, it comes in handy to take down all those notes because every 20 days i have to turn those notes in.

well, i should be going. i have a million things to do. but i am so excited about this move that  i wanted to share with you some of the really special things about the new house first. of course i fell in love with all the door knobs, chandeliers, wood floors and molding. and to make it a home i have been busy ironing my own curtains. see those pretty yellow ones up top? they hang on the kitchen door. and then there are all my little baby plants……i am dreaming about our Mary garden already….

well, help is here and that is my queque to get off of of the computer. hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. wishing you a blessed PENTECOST tomorrow.

Veni, Sancte Spiritus. ALLELUIA.


9 responses to “almost

  1. Have fun with your move! I hope you post pictures when you are settled.

  2. I love all your new home details, too! Reminds me of my grandparents old house!! I want a home like that, too, one day. God bless you and your new home, sweetie!!!!! Hugs, Sarah

  3. oh it looks sooooo cute! good luck with the move.

  4. moving with the home and moving with the blog.

    You are a busy gal!!!

    Will keep an eye out for the new move!

  5. beautiful pictures! I love houses with such awesome details!

  6. Your new house and blog look so warm and inviting. I am sure they will feel like home in no time. I tried posting a comment on your new blog, but I am not sure that it went through … Praying that you feel God’s peace throughout all the stress, busyness and transition. {{Hugs.}}

  7. I can see why you are pinching yourself. Those little peeks you shared are beautiful!!! I love the double glass doors. My great grandmother had them in her home. I love the feeling it gave me when I would walk through them as a kids. Almost a magical princess feeling. 🙂
    Good Luck with the rest of your move.

  8. Gorgeous little details! In our home back in MO, we had the most amazing doornob on the icky old coal room in the basement, of all places! I always said if I had to grab one thing from the place it would be that doornob.

    Oh! and another memory – when I was redoing the kitchen, a friend was helping me take the icky old grey nobs off the cabinets when one shattered in his wrench. They were CRYSTAL that somebody had painted thick grey goop over. Can you believe it?

  9. Beautiful natural light — you’ll have some great pictures!

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