that’s all


folks. this is my last post in this spot. i will be blogging here if you’d like to come for a visit. i really wish you would. i’ve been feeling kinda lonely over there. things won’t return to normal with regards to my time online until i have DSL again, so in that respect, right now i am a terrible blog friend. i am, on the other hand, a better mother. and housekeeper. 

today was the last “official” day of school so the kids and i took a break and went on a city walk. we went to a few thrift stores, had a snack and then we were off to the library. i actually checked out a book for myself and started reading it while i waited for them to get books. i can’t remember what it is called and it is all the way downstairs in my backpack. i am sure that you are all holding your breath, just dying to know what i am reading. my girl and i did enjoy salsa stories  recently though. and it has some great recipes that we plan on trying tomorrow. and over the next few weeks.

i brought all of my plants from the big yard today. and the bunnies. you should see the buckets and buckets i have overflowing with zinnias and sunflowers. morning glories. tomato plants, zuchinni and jalapenos. i just had to bring them. i don’t know how well they will do once i transplant them. but i just couldn’t leave them there. today as we went to bring the last of the boxes the kids spotted our very first ripe tomato. and it happened while i have been too busy to pay attention. so i will be busy. busy. trying to get them established. lots of love and miracle gro. luckily the weather has been so cool that they just might survive!

i set my Sacred Heart altar up and it is so lovely. my little guy picked me a huge, yellow, exotic looking flower on our walk and it goes so beautifully with the red hues in the picture of the Sacred Heart. have any of you consecrated your families to the Sacred Heart? we have a  prayer that we say every Sunday after mass which goes along with the consecration and i love it. so i will leave you with that. or at least where you can go to find the rest. good-nite friends and hope to see you soon!

good-bye little house.

Most Sweet Jesus, humbly kneeling at Your feet……………


2 responses to “that’s all

  1. Thanks for letting us know about your move. I will be visiting!

  2. See you at your ‘new’ place!

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