in the big yard

03 may 09

last weeked marked the end of serious planting for us. the kids helped me ground all the rest of the seedlings. the only ones that really didn’t make it were the sunflowers, which is such a shame because they would’ve been fine if we’d gotten them planted in time. they are probably one of the few things that grow in this soil and climate without much trouble. the succulents and drought resistant plants continue to be doing the best. the only plants with a real “purpose” are: jalepeno, tomatillo, watermelon, squash and tomato plants. everything else is for looks. the morning glories and sweet peas are doing rather well, but they are in a partial shade location. my sisterin law brought me 4 different plants last week and i am so excited to see what blooms. she gave me some pink mexican poppies, which my mother gave her a few years ago. i mentioned this to my mom the other day and she said she’d like some more because since then she dug all hers out as they tend to grow kind of weedy and out-of-control. aren’t gardeners funny that way? so the final tally of plants is this: zinnias, cosmos, morning glories, bachelors buttons, possible hollyhocks, sweat peas and that’s about it! i might do one last bit of sunflower seeds with my little guy. middle son still remembers the year he grew sunflowers as tall as the house. he took such good care of those seeds and when they grew he was so proud. everyone should have that kind of memory with sunflowers, don’t you think?

24 april 09

a very delicate matter


 19 apr 09

i can’t believe it has almost been a month since i’ve written here. well, not much has changed. except it is a lot hotter. we have some new pets and plants. i’ll share a little bit at a time in order to catch up.

so just for today:




20 mar 09


with 6 orange trees on the north side of our home full of orange blossoms, the smell is so heavenly! we love to sit and read in the front room just to enjoy our natural perfume.

06 mar 09

we’re keeping our eyes on this one. no eggs yet, hopefully the wind won’t disturb it as the tree has no leaves right now.


but it does have a few buds……….


05 mar 09

two nests. middle son found them as they both fell from the trees. one is in better shape than the other. one more intricate, the other kind of messy. kind of makes me think of my own “nest” it is definitely like the messy one. hmmm…something to think about!




04 mar 09

another plant  for the generational garden



28 feb 09

more separation anxiety.


a tiny sprout of new life


grape hyacinth



27 feb 09

separation anxiety

img_8526ivy cuttings from nana’s ivy plants. they are getting too big and she wanted us to take some before they get root bound.


26 feb 09

bird and nesting watchimg_8367




we call this little guy “mudzie” because we watched him come and go for at least an hour, grabbing up bits of mud in his beak to make a mud nest.

25 feb 09

fillers for the garden: pink ranunculus, yellow, peach and red primroses. we needed a little splash of color while we wait for seeds and blooms.


come a little closer………….





24 feb 09

in the big yard





17 feb 2009

here is what the indoor garden looks like:


16 feb 2009

grounded: dahlias, irises, freesia, shocking pink ice plant, tall wild-looking daisies, sweet alyssum, 4 types of succulents, flourescent yellow flowers with clover-like leaves, mint, violets and a few surprises. we’ll just have to wait and see what blooms on those…………..

i transplanted a cutting of this flowering plant to the garden.img_7219

it is the same plant that grows up at my parent’s home in the mountains. i didn’t even know that it grew in our yard and the other day, while on a rock hunt with the kids, i found one of the flowers peeking out of this wild bush that grows another type of purple flowers. i don’t know what either of these are called. note to self: look them up.

the kids have a collection of cuttings in about  6 different jars on the table. i love it when they do this. now we shall wait and see which ones sprout roots! but for now i am just enjoying their lovliness.

it is so GLOOMY outside. it is pouring down rain. but i am glad that sophia and i put the plants in the ground before the rain as this could be beneficial to them. all of the plants were established enough, they have strong roots and as long as there isn’t a windstorm, they should be fine.

14 february 2009

well, i did get outside. i even had two helpers. hubby took the bigger boys to a movie while the little ones stayed home with me. i actually wanted a day in the garden. does that seem strange? “it doesn’t seem like valentine’s day “, my daughter said to me as we planted, side by side. i thought this an odd comment coming  from a girl who wore heart tights, a shirt sprinkled with hearts, a goofy light up heart necklace and a hair pretty with hearts on it. i didn’t buy any gifts for the kids this year, everything i gave i made with my hands. i didn’t even give hubby the card i bought. this day is so over-commercialized, as some of my favorite bloggers have pointed out. true love is so much deeper than candy and flowers.

we did have a lovely breakfast: mama-cakes, bacon, eggs, fried potatoes and coffee. we prepared it side by side, my husband and i.

we did the same for dinner: chicken tostadas with the works and fresh-squeezed o.j., made from oranges hand-picked from our trees. we agreed life is good and we are so blessed.

i found my gardening journal from 2001 and i cannot believe what an ambitious gardener i was! oh the things i planted……sweat peas, sunflowers, cosmos, i could go on and on….the journal chronicled from january until may, but then it stopped. the successes and failures were all there, notes about things i’d learned, a list of native plants that would thrive in our area, i even had cut outs of the fronts of all the seed packets i’d planted! that’s probably why i got burnt out, i can’t even journal about gardening without being long winded. but i tell you,  even the words smelled sweet. i like to think that some day, when i am gone, my children will appreciate my notes.

i was sitting on the couch with said journal when my husband came back from the movies. he curled up next to me and asked me to read it to him. i did. and it brought back so many memories. that was two houses ago for us. our family has only grown by one child, the curly haired boy. our girl was only two at the time. can someone please tell me where the time goes? however, she loved helping me outside, even then.

anyhow, we have two guests tonight. both of them come from broken homes and i am just glad they can come here, spread out, play, laugh and experience the togetherness that only a mom and dad can give-with God’s grace-while He knits us ever closer together with HIS love.

hope your valentine’s day was happy.

and while these are sweet, i still could’ve used a box of chocolates!



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