crochet trim
this delicate trim is so pretty and easy to make. i am wanting to put it on anything that will stand still long enough………
a sweet smelling sachet
this was a little girl project. she found these dried-flowers in the parking lot at the museum and brought them home so that she could make a sachet like she had seen in her anne of green gables treasury book. and after just a little help from mom, she finished it. and there it is, hanging in her room at nana and papa’s house.
blue and yellow kitchen banner
camo crochet fingerless gloves (holding nature’s version of a light-saber)
purple for peach-complete!
errors seem to abound in this project. but i must say that it is because i live in world where stitches are skipped and added due to a  little boy who still likes to occasionally crawl onto my lap while i am crocheting or someone needing help with a math problem. i wrote the pattern down for the right hand, confident that the left hand would be done so easily since i took this extra step, but nothing ever quite works out that way, does it? nevertheless, they are done, i do love the purple and i hope they serve their purpose-to warm little hands!
a bit-o-green
spring love

spring love


4 responses to “sewing

  1. She is just going to love them!

  2. can you come to ATL and just hang with me?!? LOL – oh the stuff *we* could make – well, *you* could make… i could learn 😉

  3. beautiful fabrics and yarn! i love fabric…and yarn…and all the things you can make with them…

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