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it’s not too late

to officially set up the may altar. is it?


with all this moving chaos it hasn’t been easy finding a peaceful spot to put the altar. religious objects are always the last thing to get packed away so it hasn’t been because there was a shortage of things to decorate with. and i certainly need a spot such as this to remind me that regardless of what may come, God is with us and it is not as if Our Dear Blessed Mother doesn’t know what it feels like to leave “home” at a moment’s notice. i just sort of wish we had so few things that they’d fit on the back of a donkey!


and lastly, His feet…..

“And now the rays of light from above united with the glory emanating from Jesus, and I saw Him disappearing, dissolving as it were in the light from Heaven, vanishing as He rose….I lost sight of His head first,  then His whole person, and lastly, His feet, radiant with light disappeared in the celestial glory….” (excerpt from the Life of Jesus Christ and Biblical Revelations Vol. 4 from the visions of Venerable Anne Catherine Emmerich)





As the INTROIT and PRAYER indicated: our eyes must be on “heaven” while our feet “stand on earth”; our life must be a combination of prayer to God above and work here below.

after mass, we came home and did this craft i came up with of Jesus’ feet. those words being at the front of my mind. i had the kids add the hem of His garment because i put myself in the place of the apostles and the woman in the crowd from the Gospel, thinking that those would be the last things i’d see of His. wanting so much to reach out to touch Him one last time, yet not being able to because the power, light and beauty surrounding Him would probably be too much for my small mindedness to behold. we ended this holy thursday with blue-berry jello, the color of the sky. the whipped cream adding the affect of “clouds”. not my idea. i can’t remember where i saw it. perhaps the crafty crow.

when the paschal candle was extinguished, a gesture which seems so final, i couldn’t help but feel a tinge of sadness. but knowing that the coming of the Holy Spirit is just around the corner is certainly a cause for joy. it was really a beautiful, peaceful, holy day here. hope yours was too.

do you see her?

a pregnant, kneeling, veiled woman with her head bowed in prayer. that is what we see anyway. no matter which direction this rock is turned there is a figure, with a belly, that most definitely looks like Our Blessed Mother.


the day of our may crowning littlest son was doing this.


i couldn’t understand the importance of the rock collecting then. the whole affair seemed rather noisy at the time. although it kept him quiet during the rosary, so i let him be. however,  later my husband would hand me one of them, as only daddies will hold such things in the pockets of their good church pants, and tell me quietly, “doesn’t this look like the Virgin Mary?” and i couldn’t agree more.

i have had several posts about Mary in my head this month. one which was especially important to me made it to paper but never to press. perhaps i might still share it. i wanted so badly to contribute to allison’s something about mary, yet, much like my little son all i have is this rock. quite insignificant to some, i am sure, but to me it is another little reminder that she, a lot like her Son, is everywhere. and i while i don’t always “see” her. i know she is there.


in spanish the word means to hope. esperar. to wait. to hope. to wish. esperando is the word for pregnant. it was the name of the school i went to when i was a teen mother. we couldn’t have asked for better name. a school full of pregnant teenage mothers, girls, who still had hopes that we’d finish our education. waiting for our babies to be born we’d finish high school and hope to graduate. we were taught things like the benefits of breastfeeding and proper baby care along with algebra and history. but when i went home every day there was yet more hope waiting for me  in the form of two very loving parents who would keep not only me, but my firstborn son, in their home, until he turned 5. that was ten long years ago. today, hope has a different meaning for me. married now, with three more children, my hopes and wishes are not the same as that young girl. my thoughts often turn now to those without hope. i have seen a lot of hopelessness and some things cannot be “cured” or changed. but there are those rare times when something can be done. however small. and this is one of those times. so for today, hope has a face. and here she is.



there is some background by the great gal who started the project here. and visit here if you’d like to join in the effort. time is running out and i’d really like to be farther along than i am, but a little prompting came yesterday in the form of a few words from my children. since we are in the midst of packing, there is nothing like a move that makes one see just how much stuff you’ve got. my daughter mentioned that she felt so bad that she has so many toys when orphan children have none. or at least very few. much less a mama to make something handmade for them. in our house the handmade things are the most valuable. the things we treasure the most. so we are taking this opportunity to offer a little bit of esperanza, where there might otherwise be none. “God takes care of the orphans, mama, doesn’t he?” asked my littlest son. yes, He does. and for this task He will use our hands and resources. maybe you could help too?

I love them

that love Me. and they that in the morning early watch for Me shall find Me. ~Prov. viii:17


and find Him i did. i found Him in my blooming squash and tomatillo. in the tiny jalepeno blooms and in the rapidly growing morning glories. the little one snoring by my side. the singing birds and gloomy sky. and i so want to find Him in this newest chapter of our lives. another move. more packing. tiredness and stress. a new adventure my husband calls it. men are so funny that way. the verse from proverbs is one of my favorites. it is part of my morning prayers. i have to get ready for a field trip right now. it is with the middles and their charter school classmates. i do love a good trip to the museum. but today i’d rather be packing. isn’t that terrible? well, i’ll leave you with another prayer because i know you found Him too, but just in case you didn’t…….

give ear O Lord to my words, My King & My God. to Thee i will pray, O Lord, in the morning, Thou shalt hear my voice. in the morning i will stand before Thee, and will look up to Thee. O come, let us prostrate ourselves before God, and adore Him; let us implore Him Who made us; for He is the Lord our God, and we are His people, the sheep of His pasture. the Lord is good to those who hope in Him, to the soul that seeketh Him. O Lord, have mercy on us; for we have waited for Thee; be Thou our arm in the morning and our salvation in the time of trouble.

~Is. 23:2