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our days here at the little house probably number two at the most. i haven’t said much about the new house because i was afraid i was only dreaming. i kept pinching myself every time we took a load of stuff. and now we are down to the big things like beds, dressers, computers, t.v.’s, sofa and piano. and that is only because my husband has had a super busy work schedule. me, the kids and of course my mama, have been taking trips back and forth in our chevy and her little corolla. you’d be surprised how many books can fit in that car.

we have a new whistler in our family. and if you’ve ever had a whistler, you know what i am dealing with. i feel very privileged that he saves all of his whistling for said trips back and forth to the new house. but he whistles viva la vida  by coldplay. over. and. over. and over again. every once in a while he’ll sing for a minute about “St. Peter callin’ his name.” i don’t have the heart to tell him to stop. yet. but i may have to very soon. because i think my sanity might be at stake.

it is a beautiful saturday. the weather has been cool. overcast and even gloomy at times. i sort of wish we were at the air show. maybe we’ll go later. then there is a mariachi concert at the library tonight that my girl wants to go to, so it’ll be tough to choose one or the other. the boys would prefer the air show, of course. and then those pesky summer basketball sign ups……life doesn’t ever seem to slow down, does it? but then again, i really wouldn’t want it too either. i have been trying to enjoy my kids lately. fixing them food they love. spending time with them. it is easier said than done, even when you are a mama who is privilged enough to stay home. we have been devouring library books. mother and son tales, especially. and tons more i’d list if i had the time.

i have a new place. you can visit if you’d like. there is not much there yet, i’ll work out the details as soon as time permits. but pretty soon i will say good-bye to here for good. the new blog is more useful to me in that i can keep track of my school work there. and when you are in a charter school, like we are, it comes in handy to take down all those notes because every 20 days i have to turn those notes in.

well, i should be going. i have a million things to do. but i am so excited about this move that  i wanted to share with you some of the really special things about the new house first. of course i fell in love with all the door knobs, chandeliers, wood floors and molding. and to make it a home i have been busy ironing my own curtains. see those pretty yellow ones up top? they hang on the kitchen door. and then there are all my little baby plants……i am dreaming about our Mary garden already….

well, help is here and that is my queque to get off of of the computer. hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. wishing you a blessed PENTECOST tomorrow.

Veni, Sancte Spiritus. ALLELUIA.


a real mountain boy. and a real writer too.

this month has been sort of nostalgic for me with regards to my kids. maybe the reality that we are moving is making me hungrily soak in all of the good things that happened while we were here. one of the VERY good things which happened here was this: my middle son became a writer. i have written beforeabout how we struggled with this. and how one of THE hardest things to do as a homeschooling mama is to find balance. balance when a child is reluctant about doing something. yet  remaining lovingly pushy because while not every child will become the next Ernest Hemingway, there might be hidden talent under the layers of stubborness and laziness that quite often plague the minds of the young (boys especially?). nevertheless, this was one of his writing assignments last week: write to me about your experience at redzevous. and write he did.  there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. here are his words…..


One night my grandpa said that Rendezvous was in two weeks and my heart was leaping with joy. After all it only comes once a year. But when I heard it was just me and pops for the day I felt nervous because I had never helped set up the tipi before, but luckily I had just read a book about it.

We left at nine o’clock and the drive was long, but once I saw the Rendezvous sign, the drive was worth it because I love the smell of gunsmoke.

It was very hard trying to find a spot without any antholes, gopher holes or cow poop, but after five minutes we found one in the shade. Little did we know that the tree was on the verge of breaking, but thankfully we could still move the main structure.

After everything was unpacked, I relaxed for about one minute. I was waiting for pops to ask me if I wanted to throw tomahawk or shoot bow and arrow. But this time he said RIFLE. My heart stopped because I have been waiting my whole life for that moment and right away I said, “yes!”.

I will always remember how the order goes (hopefully). It is: powder, patch, ball, cap and FIRE! and after the day was over it was like having a second birthday!

The next day I woke up and it was very misty and cool. In the afternoon the rest of my family came and I felt more comfortable. But only my brothers and sister stayed. We went to shoot bow and arrow and my big brother C won first place, my sister S second, I won third and my little brother M, fourth. Later pops and I went to throw tomahawk and we scored the same, which was thirty-three.

Sadly, I had to leave the next day, but that didn’t really bother me ’cause I felt like a real mountain (BOY).


from this paper i learned that we can’t always assume that our kids take anything for granted. my children are very fortunate, due to being homeschooled, that they get to do a lot of really neat things. “conventional” schooling and scheduling would never allow one to feel like a real mountain boy. and thanks be to God that a little bit of solid homeschooling has given him the tools to accurately and beautifully articulate, in writing, not only to me, but to whoever reads this: exactly what that feels like!


btw. this is what that real mountain boy looked like the day we, the rest of the family, showed up.

honor, co-operating, telling and happiness (and all in one post!)











“It is a great honor to you who are married that God, in HIS design to multiply souls who may bless and praise HIM for all eternity, causes you to co-operate with HIM in so noble a work.” ~St. Francis de Sales

“Tell the children about God………” ~St. John Vianney

“Perfect married life means the complete dedication of the parents for the benefit of their children.” ~St. Thomas Aquinas

“All the wealth in the world cannot be compared with the happiness of living together happily united.” ~Blessed Margaret d’Youville

floating rainbows




water. oil. food coloring. a few clear glass jars. a lot of imagination and voila! you have floating rainbows. this is best done outside as it can get messy. however, in the end this was a short-yet fascinating little chemistry lesson. science words for very young scientists: sink. float. layer. mix. separate.

thank you : more mudpies to magnets  because they are itching to do more “experiments” and these are very easy, which always makes me very happy!

and lastly, His feet…..

“And now the rays of light from above united with the glory emanating from Jesus, and I saw Him disappearing, dissolving as it were in the light from Heaven, vanishing as He rose….I lost sight of His head first,  then His whole person, and lastly, His feet, radiant with light disappeared in the celestial glory….” (excerpt from the Life of Jesus Christ and Biblical Revelations Vol. 4 from the visions of Venerable Anne Catherine Emmerich)





As the INTROIT and PRAYER indicated: our eyes must be on “heaven” while our feet “stand on earth”; our life must be a combination of prayer to God above and work here below.

after mass, we came home and did this craft i came up with of Jesus’ feet. those words being at the front of my mind. i had the kids add the hem of His garment because i put myself in the place of the apostles and the woman in the crowd from the Gospel, thinking that those would be the last things i’d see of His. wanting so much to reach out to touch Him one last time, yet not being able to because the power, light and beauty surrounding Him would probably be too much for my small mindedness to behold. we ended this holy thursday with blue-berry jello, the color of the sky. the whipped cream adding the affect of “clouds”. not my idea. i can’t remember where i saw it. perhaps the crafty crow.

when the paschal candle was extinguished, a gesture which seems so final, i couldn’t help but feel a tinge of sadness. but knowing that the coming of the Holy Spirit is just around the corner is certainly a cause for joy. it was really a beautiful, peaceful, holy day here. hope yours was too.


day 21: nothing spectacular(except maybe the last photo). just a few firsts.

first california poppy. for state history’s sake.



and my first tomato. i know it is still green but it promises  to ripen into a juicy red one!


oh, yeah, and an awesome first teepee. not mine. but the girl who made it is though…


and yes, those are little animal “skins” hanging on the side.




day 20: authentic. well,  sort of  anyway. these are the tortillas with which i trick my mexican husband into thinking i am authentically mexican too. made with organic unbleached flour. no salt and olive or canola oil, they come out pretty tasty. so tasty that you’d never know they’re not made with lard.

also, reading: tortillas y cancioncitas. los pollitos dicen. the animals of farmer john. north american wildlife. simeon’s gift. welcome to kaya’s world. lives of the writers: comedies, tragedies and what the neighbor’s thought. classic poetry, an illustrated collection. treasury of children’s poetry. when the root children wake up. our california.

making and doing: small fabric teepees. a raised bed for the tomatoes, squash and sunflowers and a white mini rose plant. zuchinni bread. math lessons. dictation. a little de-cluttering. weekend dishes. bleaching the sink. sorting and washing laundry. floors? uggghhh. it definitely is a monday.

on the homefront: we lost one chickie yesterday. we put them out in their coop for a while, but a very agressive bluejay, the one i thought was our friend, very sneakily got in and killed veronica. she had reddish feathers. she was one of my favorites. the boys buried her in the back yard.

notes: no photography and art classes today. middle son has had an earache now and the girl is feeling under the weather from tummy troubles. i guess this virus thing is not finished with us yet.

the middle kids have testing this week, so i hope to spend some one on one time with my little guy. i don’t know how much time i’ll have to devote to this space the next few days, but i really want to post a few pictures of things that are making me very happy. we were re-enrolled in the brown scapular this weekend. this is my third time. i don’t know if it is really necessary to do this so many times, but it felt so refreshing. especially with sunday being traditionally [ sunday and Divine mercy otherwise. i did it mostly because there was a little lapse in the wearing of our scapulars, the replacing of new ones, etc. and i must admit, this little ceremony we had was  the nicest. sister showed us a short but informative video afterwards.

well, that’s all for today. i have a million and one things to do. and it is going to be so hot today. please enjoy your chilly weather while it lasts-far away friends. i am not quite ready for summer yet, but it sure feels like it is here!