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our days here at the little house probably number two at the most. i haven’t said much about the new house because i was afraid i was only dreaming. i kept pinching myself every time we took a load of stuff. and now we are down to the big things like beds, dressers, computers, t.v.’s, sofa and piano. and that is only because my husband has had a super busy work schedule. me, the kids and of course my mama, have been taking trips back and forth in our chevy and her little corolla. you’d be surprised how many books can fit in that car.

we have a new whistler in our family. and if you’ve ever had a whistler, you know what i am dealing with. i feel very privileged that he saves all of his whistling for said trips back and forth to the new house. but he whistles viva la vida  by coldplay. over. and. over. and over again. every once in a while he’ll sing for a minute about “St. Peter callin’ his name.” i don’t have the heart to tell him to stop. yet. but i may have to very soon. because i think my sanity might be at stake.

it is a beautiful saturday. the weather has been cool. overcast and even gloomy at times. i sort of wish we were at the air show. maybe we’ll go later. then there is a mariachi concert at the library tonight that my girl wants to go to, so it’ll be tough to choose one or the other. the boys would prefer the air show, of course. and then those pesky summer basketball sign ups……life doesn’t ever seem to slow down, does it? but then again, i really wouldn’t want it too either. i have been trying to enjoy my kids lately. fixing them food they love. spending time with them. it is easier said than done, even when you are a mama who is privilged enough to stay home. we have been devouring library books. mother and son tales, especially. and tons more i’d list if i had the time.

i have a new place. you can visit if you’d like. there is not much there yet, i’ll work out the details as soon as time permits. but pretty soon i will say good-bye to here for good. the new blog is more useful to me in that i can keep track of my school work there. and when you are in a charter school, like we are, it comes in handy to take down all those notes because every 20 days i have to turn those notes in.

well, i should be going. i have a million things to do. but i am so excited about this move that  i wanted to share with you some of the really special things about the new house first. of course i fell in love with all the door knobs, chandeliers, wood floors and molding. and to make it a home i have been busy ironing my own curtains. see those pretty yellow ones up top? they hang on the kitchen door. and then there are all my little baby plants……i am dreaming about our Mary garden already….

well, help is here and that is my queque to get off of of the computer. hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. wishing you a blessed PENTECOST tomorrow.

Veni, Sancte Spiritus. ALLELUIA.


it’s not too late

to officially set up the may altar. is it?


with all this moving chaos it hasn’t been easy finding a peaceful spot to put the altar. religious objects are always the last thing to get packed away so it hasn’t been because there was a shortage of things to decorate with. and i certainly need a spot such as this to remind me that regardless of what may come, God is with us and it is not as if Our Dear Blessed Mother doesn’t know what it feels like to leave “home” at a moment’s notice. i just sort of wish we had so few things that they’d fit on the back of a donkey!

pressing pause

there is a very heated game of uno going on in my room, on my bed. i was trying to peacefully embroider a doll face on the real thing. the one i will send to nicaragua for craft hope. but they (my girl and my littlest son) decided to invade my quiet. perhaps the boxes in the hallway, living room, school room and in just about every other free square inch of this house has caused them to seek refuge here. here where a nice breeze is coming in my window. and the sound of birds and the fan is almost lulling.

i wish i could say the game was peaceful. i hear the funniest, meanest things come out of my children’s mouths when they play games. “you’re going down, why dontcha’ draw 4!” “skip you, skip you again, and now we’ll change it back to me!” they are so competitive. my girl gets frustrated with her brother. “he’s such a sore loser and he hasn’t even lost yet”, she says. she doesn’t remember how she used to cry when she’d lose at monopoly. sometimes we’d just tell her she won anyway, but we all knew otherwise. that was a long time ago. three houses ago to be exact. i will so try not to be moody and pouty during this move. i vow not to make my last days at this space the place where i vent and become sad and nostalgic. if you move a lot i am sure you understand. especially if you, like me, try so hard to make every place you live in a home. not just a house. our potential new rental will be all ready when we get there. the painters are doing their thing this weekend, which in many ways is good for me because otherwise i would mull too long over colors. and besides i don’t know if i am ready to do the whole home improvement thing again so soon. after all, we have only been here 8 months.

so here is to moving. changes. finding happiness in whatever situation God, in His infinite wisdom, has placed you in. to taking the time, no matter what you are doing, to press pause. listen to the birds. to your children. enjoy a good game of uno and drink a sweet cup of tea. (i mixed 2 bags of green tea + 1 of vanilla chai. let it sit for a bit. added a bit of organic sugar and vanilla soy milk. and i liked what i tasted!) we will be having dinner with some friends, so i am signing off…….

ps. this was my saturday evening post.

I love them

that love Me. and they that in the morning early watch for Me shall find Me. ~Prov. viii:17


and find Him i did. i found Him in my blooming squash and tomatillo. in the tiny jalepeno blooms and in the rapidly growing morning glories. the little one snoring by my side. the singing birds and gloomy sky. and i so want to find Him in this newest chapter of our lives. another move. more packing. tiredness and stress. a new adventure my husband calls it. men are so funny that way. the verse from proverbs is one of my favorites. it is part of my morning prayers. i have to get ready for a field trip right now. it is with the middles and their charter school classmates. i do love a good trip to the museum. but today i’d rather be packing. isn’t that terrible? well, i’ll leave you with another prayer because i know you found Him too, but just in case you didn’t…….

give ear O Lord to my words, My King & My God. to Thee i will pray, O Lord, in the morning, Thou shalt hear my voice. in the morning i will stand before Thee, and will look up to Thee. O come, let us prostrate ourselves before God, and adore Him; let us implore Him Who made us; for He is the Lord our God, and we are His people, the sheep of His pasture. the Lord is good to those who hope in Him, to the soul that seeketh Him. O Lord, have mercy on us; for we have waited for Thee; be Thou our arm in the morning and our salvation in the time of trouble.

~Is. 23:2



in retrospect

here are a few things i learned from this weekend: don’t be so hard on yourself while committing random acts of weekending. (the definition of weekending being where a homebody mama gives into the whims of her crazy husband, parents and children to do things which take her a. out of her comfort zone and b. cause her to forget things such as packing the right kinds of shoes for the right kinds of places). it is not a sin to forget sweaters and sunscreen when packing under pressure. cut your children’s fingernails more often, especially if you are going to be photographing their hands with frequency. comfort your child if they cry when they learn that saber-tooth tigers are extinct. don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers. however, it is wise to go back inside the house (when in the mountains) if you hear noises in the bushes, or, in my son’s words, “we better go before there’s trouble.”  and yes, you have to still crown mary even when her statue looks scary. drinking sparkling almond champagne and using rotary cutters at the same time is really not a good idea. dark chocolate with dried mango, coconut and cashews is truly the best combination ever. oh, and knitting scrubbies is for the birds……….. my weekend really was great. except for the having to move suddenly part. hope yours was too.






















tuesday’s child

is full of bubbles right now. and when he gets out of the bath i owe him a game of uno. he has been patiently waiting all day. i’ve had a headache since this morning and so i kept putting it off. but it bothers me when any of my children want something so simple from me and i can’t seem to get to it. you have days like that don’t you? days where you feel like you are spread so thin and you have worked all the day long, yet nothing really gets accomplished. i did manage to get about five or so bags ready to take to the thrift store. scrubbed the toilet and bathtub. ruined a loaf of bread. went grocery shopping and did a few loads of laundry. tonight i am thinking alot about this tonight and will be praying for a happy ending. i wish i had some pictures to share. i’d like to show you the bloom on my mexican poppy plant or my newest succulent, but the camera stayed in its’ case today. i suppose this post should’ve probably stayed put elsewhere too………

may flowers


day 30: because april showers bring may flowers.and because this is the end. thank you jennifer, it was so lovely.

just a quick note: all of these flowers were picked from my grandmother’s garden. she is the best gardener i know in real life. everything she plants grows so beautifully. even my simple little daisies were cuttings from her garden. so this picture is for her. because i love her sassy little ways. and sometimes brutal honesty. like when she said-of my newest denim heart pillow-“didn’t you want that heart to be centered?” (well, of course i did, grammie)-or when i most recently sewed, with the sewing machine, into my left thumb and index finger-“why did you do that?”( because it was an accident grammie). i hope i have her spunk at almost 90 years of age!

well, tomorrow is may day and  it is also my 6 month blogging anniversary!!!no real “words of wisdom” from this end. i figure-to each his own-with regards to blogging. the only thing i have really learned is that 1) the grace of God is a must when deciding how much time and effort to put into not only your blogging identity, but friendships as well.  and 2) it is probably best to write using capitals. the other day i had to type up a bid for our business and i started using lower case letters. not very professional, eh?

happy thursday friends.

oh, and i am going sort-of camping for a few days. so have a wonderful weekend!